Why Miami, or Why invest in Miami

The property prices in Miami has severely declined since the famous subprime crisis in 2007.
It has been very difficult to get a mortgage in Florida ever since even for an American citizen.
In fact, the Miami real estate market has become the most exclusive foreign investors' golf game. Because of their new money, they have the ability to be reactive enough in a market surely dominated by cash.
More than anywhere else in the United States, Miami is a buyer's market where significant potential gain has been observed since 2011, according to the statistics.
Today in 2014, Miami is 10 billion dollars investment away from 2020 on projects (Miami 2020 program) which are for the most part already approved. The first developments are about to be delivered: Museum Park, the Biscayne Bay Tunnel (a major project that has been entrusted to the French entrepreneur Bouygues), etc ...
This reality translates into this advice for buyers, "Do not wait too long !"


Miami Global Reach

Miami sits at the crossroads of the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America.
And is the U.S. gateway of the rest of the world.
In fact, Miami is home to more than 1,100 multinational corporations. More than 40% of all U.S. Exports to South America, Central America and the Caribbean go through the Miami Customs District.
With people from 125 countries speaking 68 languages, and international trade that has reached $72 billion a year and rising ($221 billion in South-East Florida), Miami has an unmistakable international presence.


The Strength of the €uro versus the U.S. Dollar

The advantage is that the
uro is stronger than the American Dollar. These are among other reasons why foreign investors are present.
Sales volumes are up, a signal that the market recovery is underway.
Conditions are ideal for buyers to find the home of their dreams,
even with a financing from home abroad if necessary.
The inventory is abundant at all price levels.
And definitely along with attractive tax exemption.


Investment assets and strong rental demand

Invest and rent safely thanks to strong rental demand.
Florida is a State of long-term growth.
The long-term economic and demographic trends continue to favor Florida.
The economists predict that Florida is going to be the third most populous U.S. State within a few years. Florida has been in the forefront for its rapid growth in the United States for 70 years. The State has been often in the top four according to census data.
Population growth will continue to provide a basis for other economic developments, such as new technologies with rising incomes.
All these trends are positive indicators of the real estate growth.
Therefore this makes Florida one of the most prosperous states in terms of real estate purchase and rental.


A focal point to immigration

According to the Bureau of Economics and Business, University of Florida, even with a slowdown in national economic growth, the population of Florida will increase and return to the same level as it was during the 90s. Approximately 317,000 people per year between 2010 and 2020.
Which represents a large number of buyers and tenants for the property market in Florida.


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