Subscribe a title insurance is essential to protect you from loss due to title defects. No third party would be then able to dispute its validity whatsoever as long as you remain the owner of the property.
Though highly recommended (big time), it is not mandatory when the deal is paid cash. However, all the banks require it in first place in order to qualify for a financing.
Its subscription is payable only once at the closing.
Conclusion, you've probably understood it, never buy a real estate without this insurance !


The Florida Real estate brokerage system is built differently than in our mother country in Europe. If each agency in France has its own listing, all realtors over here and regardless the company they belong to, have access to a database containing all properties for sale on the market which is the so called MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

Each party (whether he/she is buyer or seller) works his/her own agent.
Therefore, the difference is then being made by the skill and professionalism of your realtor.
Indeed, choosing your agent is fundamental because he/she will represents you all along the process to defend your interests, facing the other agent who will defend his/her client's ones.


Terminology (U.S versus French standards) :


Single Family
: Individual House.
Condominium (or Condo) : Unit in a building or a residence.
Townhouse : Midway between the apartment and the house.
1 Bedroom is the equivalent to a french 2 rooms (the bedroom, the living-room).
2 Bedroom is the equivalent to a french 3 rooms (2 bedrooms, 1 living-room).
Full Bath : Bathroom with a toilet.
Half Bath : Lavatory with a sink.

Measurement :

1,000 Sqft (square feet) = a little bit less than 100 m² (square meter).
Remove a zero for the conversion for a quick idea.

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