The Real Estate in Miami, a godsend for the investors...

keeps on its change in 2017. City that is prized by South-Americans & Europeans clients who invest in "stone".

Indeed, Miami is in transfer and continues to create exceptional opportunities for the european investors who consider Real Estate as safe investment, especially our french Clientele. Knight-Frank’s most recent Prime Global Cities Index reports that Miami luxury real estate rose by 22% through the six months ending in March 2015. No other city was able to manage a double digit increase.

Florida is a world-wide competitive state that presents huge possibilities to the investors. The real estate market in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but also all over the state, offers many diverse investment opportunities at prices clearly lower than those in Europe.

In addition of a very favorable tax system, the rental management in Florida is much more flexible and interesting than in France. Neither a permit nor a specific visa is required to purchase properties in the United States.

Franck Leblond

Broker associate
Real Estate
Florida Licensed

The new Miami: The key figures.


French News - Miami is booming ...

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